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Why Segregated Portfolio Management?

Anchor's clients are offered customized segregated portfolios built around their specific risk and return requirements. The advantages of this approach include:

Flexibility to meet each client's needs by building portfolios tailored to specific investment risk and reward criteria.
Investment decisions dictated by the portfolio manager, rather than mutual fund cash flows that can handicap mutual fund performance.
Anchor is compensated for making the client's assets grow and is not commission driven, as is the case of a traditional brokerage account.
Fees impact performance: Anchor has an efficient and cost effective fee-based approach that avoids mutual fund transaction, management and administration fees.

Asset Allocation?

The investment process begins with a careful evaluation of each client’s unique risk and return requirements. Asset allocation is an important part of your investment decision:

Diversification using different asset classes will impact the liquidity, volatility and total return of your portfolio.
Anchor managers take a global approach to enhance risk-adjusted returns.
History has shown that a diversified portfolio of equities added to a fixed income portfolio enhances the risk-adjusted returns relative to a fixed income only strategy.
Every Anchor client completes a Portfolio Allocation Scoring System (PASS) in order to determine the appropriate investment objective and asset allocation.