Anchor Investment Management Ltd
42 Reid Street
7th Floor
Hamilton HM 12

Tel: (441) 296 3515

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The principals at Anchor firmly believe that nothing can replace the judgment and experience of leading investment professionals who have access to the money management industry's finest and most sophisticated research resources.

Anchor's portfolio managers access information through the Anchor Research System, applying advanced computer graphics technology to the securities screening process. Their research systems seek a balance between fundamental, quantitative and qualitative disciplines as a means to create superior investment performance over the long-term. The investment decision process is based on a team approach, rather than individual opinions. Anchor believes that combining proprietary research technology with a talented team of investment managers produces the best results for their clients.


Anchor's dedicated investment advisors provide personalized financial advice specifically designed to maximize returns while protecting the safety of the client's principal. Each client receives an individually managed and independently structured portfolio based on the clients stated investment objectives and guidelines.