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  • Hiring an investment manager allows an individual to spend time pursuing their own interests instead of researching investment options. Investment industry research continues to show that the average investor with a "part-time" approach to investing under-performs market indices and their portfolios often do not keep pace with inflation. Individuals rarely have enough time or the resources to properly manage their own portfolios. Through the constantly changing macroeconomic environment Anchor Investment Management portfolio managers use their time, experience and access to research systems to analyze security specific events, evolving trends in the market and ultimately make optimal investment decisions.

  • Investment advisors are in the business of giving advice about securities and financial planning. Most advisors provide a selection of investments for the client to choose from and they are geared toward investors who like to take a more active role in their investing. An investment advisor is usually a broker-dealer and is paid a commission on the securities they buy and sell, not necessarily how well the investment performs. Investment managers take a more direct role in financial management than advisors. Investment management firms like Anchor have a team of portfolio managers that have specific functions in managing different portions of a client's portfolio. An investment manager normally has full discretion over making portfolio decisions based on the client's investment policy statement which describes the income requirement, selected asset allocation and specific investment information. Investment managers are paid based on a percentage of the value of the assets they manage for clients, and therefore have a vested interest in growing those assets.

  • Anchor Investment Management Ltd. provides comprehensive wealth management services to individuals, trusts and institutions through segregated and individually-managed investment accounts.

  • In addition to managing your portfolio of investments, Anchor Investment Management Ltd. offers expertise in asset allocation and wealth management. The Anchor portfolio managers focus on understanding the unique needs and constraints of each client and then develop a portfolio designed to accomplish those objectives. For example, Anchor Investment Management offers a 25-year Life Cycle Model that allows clients to plan both the growth and the distribution phase of a portfolio when they retire.

  • The first step is to send us a request for information through our 'Contact Us' portal or by email. An Anchor representative will then reach out with an Anchor Comprehensive Client Questionnaire and schedule a meeting. The Anchor Comprehensive Client Questionnaire is our way of getting to know the specific needs, requirements and constraints of each individual client, specifically related to risk and return preferences. From information in the questionnaire Anchor will create a 25-year life cycle analysis and draft an investment policy statement which will outline the asset allocation, income requirement and other information specific to the individual portfolio.

  • Each client is assigned a secure login to access information about their account and track progress of their portfolio.

  • All portfolios are held in the client's name by an independent custodial bank or broker. Anchor acts as the investment manager and has limited trading authority on the accounts. Only assigned signatories are permitted to transfer funds into or out of the account. The custodians provide online access for clients to view their accounts in real time.

  • You need to contact your Anchor team member who will help you set up your login and password using a secure system linked to your mobile device.

  • The Anchor team will provide a 25-year life cycle analysis based on your asset allocation to help you determine a reasonable income to draw from the account.

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