Opening an Anchor managed account

Anchor Investment Management Ltd. has differentiated itself from other investment firms by creating individually managed accounts that meet your specific investment goals and requirements. To start the process you need to answer a few questions and then one of the Anchor team members will contact you.

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Required Documentation

Individual/Joint Account

• Certified copy of Account Holder's Passport(s)*
• Certified copy of Account Holder's Proof of Residence (utility bill)*
• Completed documents for the Anchor custodian including Tax Form W-8BEN

*Note: For each account signatory, director, trustee and beneficial owner a certified passport copy and proof of residential address must be provided. The certified copy should reflect; the date of certification, the name of the certifier, the signature of the certifier, the position or capacity of the certifier and a statement that the document is a true copy of the original.

Corporate Account

• Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
• Certificate of Good Standing (if company is over one year old)
• Corporate Resolution authorizing the opening of the account
• Certificate of Incumbency listing officers and directors
• Register of Members listing shareholders
• Completed documents for the Anchor custodian including Tax Form W-8BEN-E

Trust Accounts must also provide the following:

• Trust documentation including trustees and beneficial owners

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